Clean Farming

take a decisive step towards net zero food production

Clean Farming from AAL offers a decisive reduction in the environmental footprint of meat and dairy production, using kit that pays for itself and generates new revenues for the farm.

1. Treat farm wastes to manage emissions

2. Generate energy to power the farm

3. Sustainability that pays for itself

4. New revenue streams to boost profits

Climate emergency

Food producers in the UK are under pressure as never before, as the Climate Emergency gathers pace.  Farmers and regulators seem to face a tough choice – produce high quality food to feed the country or reduce greenhouse gas and other emissions to avoid the worst excesses of global climate change. 

AAL believes this is a false choice. By deploying well-established technologies in novel ways, we seek to provide farm-based solutions that allow increasing food production and protect the environment, while also cutting costs and generating revenues to support farm profits.

We are working with dairy and livestock farmers to create a tailored solution for each farm, a solution that addresses a broad range of environmental issues and provides energy security at a time of increasing uncertainty in agriculture and the wider community.
AAL Carbon net zero

Consumers are demanding food that does not “cost the planet”. Milk processors and food retailers have recognized this trend and are challenging the industry to innovate. Farmers in the UK have set themselves tough new targets for carbon net zero by 2040.

Clean farming from AAL offers a new approach to addressing these issues, based on sound science.  Our mission is to help farmers achieve both sustainability and a profitable future. The alternative is less meat, less milk, less butter, less yoghurt.  Or, at least, less produced in the UK.  Say “yes” to great British food, sustainably produced. 

Free advice

AAL offers free consultations to farms across the UK. We only make money when we deliver a solution that will save you money. It really is win-win!  

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