To boost farm profits

Clean Farming can reduce costs and provide new revenue streams to boost farm profits, specific to the circumstances of each farm. AAL hopes to offer a payback period on investment of less than five years.
Clean farming profits

AAL has discussed Clean Farming with a wide range of dairy, livestock, arable and mixed farmers.  Once we have reviewed initial farm information, we aim to work with each farmer to complete an outline technical proposal and an economic feasibility review, at no charge.  Our hope is to sell the kit to make this work.  

Here are the kinds of benefits AAL has previously identified for individual farm situations…

Milk price premium
for sustainability
Farm electricity
purchases avoided
Electricity infrastructure
costs avoided
Value of biomethane
used on farm
Value of biomethane
Subsidy for biomethane
as a transport fuel (RTFS)
Subsidy for biomethane
for gas grid injection (GGSS)
Improved use of N in slurry
as a fertilizer
Sales of solid digestate
as a growth medium
UK Government grants
for innovation

This list is growing as we speak with more farmers.  In some cases the economic gains can be very large, depending on the individual circumstances of each farm. 

Remember, AAL’s first target is to give the farmer the benefits of sustainability, with the cost of the kit covered by the value of energy it produces for use on the farm. 

AAL’s second target is to work with the farmer to identify further revenue streams that can super-charge the business case, giving a payback period of less than five years.  

New revenue streams on farm

Free advice

AAL offers free consultations to farms across the UK. We only make money when we deliver a solution that will save you money. It really is win-win!

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