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Modern farming requires energy for efficient food production.  Energy for modernization, expansion and diversification.  Clean Farming from AAL provides a secure source of renewable energy to power the farm, based on the farm and future-proofing costs in uncertain times.

AAL clean farming

Brown Gold

Manures and slurries, widely available on dairy and livestock farms, are a great untapped source of renewable energy. A typical tonne of fresh cow slurry can yield up to 200kWh of energy, available to power the farm.

Farm Energy Costs

At a time when energy costs are rocketing, many farmers are considering investing to extract energy from their manures and slurries, future-proofing farm energy costs as well as securing the benefits of sustainability.

Farm Energy Security

As the UK moves towards more dependence on electricity to power cars and heat homes, pressure on the grid will increase. On-farm energy generation avoids dependence on an over-stretched electricity grid if future demand exceeds supply.


Controlled biological processing of manures and slurries in the absence of air produces biogas, an energy-rich mixture of methane and carbon dioxide.


After clean-up, biogas can be used as a fuel for a generator to provide electricity to power the farm, either supplementing an existing supply or as a stand-alone unit.


Alternatively, biogas can be burned in a boiler to provide space heating, process heat or refrigeration, depending on the specific needs of the farm and any associated businesses.


Biogas is upgraded to biomethane by removing the carbon dioxide. Biomethane can fuel the farm, be exported for gas grid injection or used as a green transport fuel.

AAL will seek to understand the energy requirements of each farm and can offer a growing range of energy options to optimize operational and economic outcomes as part of a Clean Farming package. 


Free advice

AAL offers free consultations to farms across the UK. We only make money when we deliver a solution that will save you money. It really is win-win!

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