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The UK can lead the world in sustainable food production. A decisive reduction in the environmental footprint of farming can offer real economic and marketing advantages in the face of global competition. Clean Farming from AAL offers sustainability at zero net cost.

AAL clean farming

COP26 in Glasgow and UK Government statistics have confirmed that agriculture is a key contributor to global climate change. The NFU and forward-thinking farmers are responding to this challenge. Food production in the UK will become more sustainable.

Recent market research shows that sustainability is increasingly a major factor in food purchasing decisions, especially among younger consumers. These are the trend-setters for the future.

Recognising this shift, milk processors and major food retailers are imposing ever-tighter sustainability criteria on their suppliers, the UK’s farmers.

Farm sustainability

In the short term, AAL expects that reliable compliance with these sustainability criteria will become a key to securing the best contracts. As UK agriculture adapts to new realities post-Brexit, a sustainability price premium may become important to future farm profits.

With more farms adopting sustainable agricultural practices, those left behind may face a competitive disadvantage in a demanding global marketplace.

Clean Farming from AAL sets out to help the UK’s farmers secure the economic benefits of sustainability but using kit that pays for itself across its lifetime. We plan to do this by replacing energy purchased from the grid with energy produced on the farm.

If, in addition, the farmer secures a sustainability premium for the food he produces, or if energy and fertilizer prices go up further, the additional economic benefits are retained by the farm.

Sustainable milk farming

AAL expects sustainably produced food to attract a price premium in the future.  The best milk contracts already demand tough environmental standards.  Today, sustainability is a choice that offers real economic benefits. 

Tomorrow it may be the key to farm profits.

Free advice

AAL offers free consultations to farms across the UK. We only make money when we deliver a solution that will save you money. It really is win-win! 

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