Treat Farm waste

To Manage emissions

Every year, livestock in the UK produces over 100 million tonnes of animal poo, much of which we spread over our environment with little or no treatment.

AAL can help farmers exploit this resource better, to extract economic value and lead the world in sustainable farming.

AAL clean farming

Greenhouse Gases

Treat manures and slurries to capture methane. Displace energy and fertiliser purchases that depend on fossil fuels to complete a clear reduction in greenhouse gas releases.

Nuisance Odours

Digest the volatile organic compounds and capture the sulphurous gases that create many of the smells associated with conventional slurry management.


Treat manures and slurries to control agriculturally important bacteria, viruses and weed seeds, offering potential benefits for animal health and watercourse protection.

Truck Movements

Treating wastes at the site of production avoids clogging rural roads with vehicles trucking low value wastes to central processing facilities.


Processing wastes in an enclosed tank offers new strategies to prevent releases of ammonia, a key objective in the Government’s clean air strategy.


Process the nitrogen in slurry so that it is more easily absorbed into growing plants, displacing the need for inorganic fertilisers and reducing pollution of watercourses and air.

Soil Fertility

Return fibre and nutrients to the soil, capturing carbon and improving soil quality. Support important sub-soil ecosystems and help improve phosphate management.

Sound science

AAL’s approach will always be based on sound science. Take a decisive step towards Net Zero Food Production today.​

Free advice

AAL offers free consultations to farms across the UK. We only make money when we deliver a solution that will save you money. It really is win-win!  

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